Review: Cheryl Cole – Messy Little Raindrops


Album: Messy Little Raindrops

Artist: Cheryl Coles

Grade: 2 stars

Cheryl Cole is more known for being a pretty face than for her ability to belt out ballads. It’s no        secret she fairs better as part of Girls Aloud and Messy Little Raindrops only highlights this.

It’s been a tough year for Cheryl, and that’s duly reflected. Standout track ‘Happy Tears’ seems to contain real emotion, while ‘Raindrops’ has some of the worst lyrics I’ve ever endured, not to mention how she’s practically shrieking.

‘Everyone’, featuring Dizzee Rascal, would be nothing without well, him, and anyone under the impression Cheryl could do anything without input from Will.I.Am was wrong. He features in ‘Let’s Get Down’, alongside a rapping Cheryl. ‘Hummingbird’ injects some much-needed optimism into an otherwise (understandably) gloomy album.

No amount of production value has hidden the fact her voice isn’t up to scratch. The lyrics are mostly painfully cringe-inducing, and she stretches that water metaphor as far as possible and then some. The world and its mother will buy it, but that’s because they love Cheryl, not her music.

In a Nutshell: Drama-laden, disposable pop – an exercise in mediocrity.

– Aoife Valentine


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