Review: Funeral Party – The Golden Age of Knowhere

Artist: Funeral Party

Album: The Golden Age of Knowhere

Rating: 1/5

The Golden Age of Knowhere is the debut album of LA indie-rock threesome Funeral Party. In light of the considerable hype surrounding its release, it disappoints hugely.

‘New York City Moves to the Sound of LA’ is a relatively good start to the album, but it goes violently downhill from there. With eight more similar sounding, high-tempo tracks complete with a screaming vocalist (who seems to have a constantly sore throat), cutting guitars, and everyone’s quota of cowbells for 2011, it gets old fast. Despite slowing down and becoming less in-your-face in the relatively decent penultimate track, ‘Relics to Ruins’, you’ll be bored long before you ever reach it.

Funeral Party don’t bring anything new to the table; we’ve heard it all before, only better. A couple of catchy tracks you’d dance to, but it’s all a bit same-y, without any real memorable moments.

In a Nutshell: The lyric: “It’s all been done before, it’ll all be done again” says it all.

– Aoife Valentine


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