Review: The Chapman Family – Burn Your Town

Artist: The Chapman Family

Album: Burn Your Town

Rating: 3/5

Burn Your Town is something of a violent assault on your eardrums the first time you listen to it. Intense is not the word. Eerie vocals and heavy use of the glockenspiel create some semblance of suspense in opening track ‘A Certain Degree’, before a thoroughly angst-ridden punk-metal follow-up in ‘All Fall’.

The album starts to suffer a little in the middle with ‘1000 lies’ and ‘She Didn’t Know’, which just seem somewhat lacking. The penultimate track ‘Million Dollars’ is the standout on the album; Suitably dark (considering it’s about killing children) and full of rhythmic guitars and pounding drums with a slight synth overload, it would be an excellent close to the album. Unfortunately the actual closing track, ‘Virgins (Reprise)’ just can’t follow it, resulting in a somewhat anticlimactic end.

In a Nutshell: Needs a couple of listens before it stops feeling like an attack on your senses.

– Aoife Valentine


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