What’s Hot & What’s Not

What’s Hot


November marks a solid month of raising awareness about men’s health issues and raising money for Action Prostate Cancer. With breast cancer awareness dominating pretty much every other month of the year, turning everything and anything it can pink, making the change to blue and putting the spotlight on men for a month can only be a good thing.

The end of elections

Compared to the American presidential election campaigns, we get off lightly here, but that didn’t stop it feeling like we’ve been talking about the presidency for our entire lives. As nice as Michael D’s Dobby posters were, or how amusing Dana’s lunacy was, it’ll be nice to have some non-election news to read.

The new Müller ad

Why does a policeman turn into Yogi Bear? Why are business people turning into Mister Men and Little Miss? Why is Mutley flying around and saving the day? What has any of this got to do with yoghurt and creamed rice? Commoditising nostalgia at its best, but still. Amazing.

What’s Not 


Yeah, yeah, the raising awareness and money is seven kinds of awesome, but there is really no need to do it through growing lots of facial hair. The number of terrible moustaches in any one place in November is upsetting. There’s a reason the majority of you spend the other eleven months of the year clean-shaven, and presumably it’s not convenience. Continue doing so.


The roadworks in Donnybrook

They appear to be digging up the road outside Wez for the lols, and they’re taking their time about it. Causing an extra thirty minutes to be added to any journey conducted in the evening time, it’s not a fun addition to long days in the library. Once you finally get through the traffic, buses always stop for ages to change driver too. So not cool.

Vaseline being useless

Despite being touted, or at least used as if, it’s the be all and end all of lip care, it’s just not. It seems to be a staple in handbags no matter where you go, but it is in fact, almost entirely useless. Unless of course you bought it because you were looking for something to melt in your pocket and be disgusting. It does an excellent job at being disgusting.


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