Review: Rihanna – Talk That Talk

rihanna-talk-that-talk-deluxe-e1320931845790Album: Talk That Talk

Artist: Rihanna

Grade: D+

With Loud still knocking around the billboard charts, Rihanna hasn’t even let the dust settle before unleashing her sixth studio album, Talk That Talk. Although it’s less angry and dark than Loud or its predecessor, Rated R, this record is not afraid to be very in-your-face.

Her more dubstep/electronic direction is particularly obvious on ‘Where Have You Been’ and ‘You Da One’ while lead single, ‘We Found Love’, a collaboration with Calvin Harris, is already an inarguable hit. However, ‘Farewell’ seems like Rihanna’s attempt at ‘Someone Like You’, and ‘Roc Me Out’ sounds a lot like she’s just rehashed ‘Rude Boy,’ both with mediocre results.

Rihanna has never been one to shy away from more explicit themes, but Talk That Talk largely relies on barely disguised, almost laughable innuendos to create interest, and it grows tedious quickly. Perhaps more exuberant and romantic than her last two offerings, it’s sure to fill dance-floors, but ultimately lacks any kind of ‘wow factor’.

In A Nutshell: Filthy, obnoxiousand more than a little boring.


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